Law Davis-Prior (lawpup) wrote in fandom_lives,
Law Davis-Prior

[Rabid] Village Life

Finn sat in the large living room, bored out of his mind. The room was almost palacial. It had to be, as all the senior members of the Pack, and Finn, lived in the house. Right now, though, it was just him and Milo. And Finn hated it. He sat at a wooden table, and drummed his fingers against the table top. He had his maths textbook open in front of him, and the numbers and words had start blurring together over a hour ago. He let out a loud sigh, and sat back quickly.

"Milo, do we have to do this? Its making me cross-eyed," Finn complained, looking over at the red-haired man who was sitting opposite him at the table. "Why do I even need to know all this? You know the Pack's never going to let me leave the village anyway. Stephen will never let me leave," he added glumly, and pouted.

Milo shook his head, his mop of red hair falling in front of his eyes before brushing it away. "This is important, Finn. Pay attention," he reprimanded Finn gently. Milo had always had a soft spot for him, Finn knew, and he wasn't above exploiting it. He knew most of the Pack's weak spots and just how to ruthlessly get what he wanted from them. He loved them, no doubt about it, but he'd do whatever it took to leave the village some day.

Finn pouted again and stuck out his bottom lip. "Why can't you be one of those cool teachers who take their students out on field trips? I bet I could learn a lot in London," Finn pointed out, though he didn't expect the tactic to work. He'd tried it many times before. Finn kept his eyes on his pencil, as he twirled it through his long, nimble fingers.

Milo sighed quietly. "If I promise to talk to Stephen about it, will you please focus?" Milo asked, a hint of exasperation in his tone. He normally hit that tone around the one hour mark of teaching Finn, daily.

Finn looked up almost instantly, and the pencil clattered to the floor. He'd never gotten that reply from Milo before. "Seriously, you'll talk to him?" Finn broke out into a huge grin, leapt out of his seat and wrapped his long arms around Milo. "You're the best, Milo! So awesome!"
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