Richard Davis-Prior (gyoro) wrote in fandom_lives,
Richard Davis-Prior

[Crypto Weird] "Tracks in Canada", Part One

Cowichan River Provincial Park, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada

The abandoned fire tower they were directed towards from the local Duncan police was the perfect place to setup a base camp for the four days they would be in the park for their investigation. The location showed them an aerial view of the entire canopy where it would be easy to spot anything warm on the thermal through the FLIR, and provided a safe, secure, strong metal haven for the team in case there was danger that needed to be avoid.

Benjamin Cormack, lead investigator and host of the soon-to-be airing Truth or Hoax on a avidly watched United States cable station, liked that there was only one way in and one way out and that was through a trap door that could be secured with multiple locks. Even though he didn't feel like they would find anything on the island, he didn't mind the extra security that could be provided to his team. He was pushing forty and with this television deal his investigations couldn't afford any of his people getting hurt.

It was one of the main reasons why he turned down the network when they offered to send their own cameramen along on his investigations. He didn't need to have the worry of some network cameraman spraining his ankle in the middle of the investigation and hinder it. He was able to talk the network into letting them wear backpack camera's and carry their own hand-held devices.

He glanced out the window as he watched Aaron and London go about setting up the steady camera's that would run over the course of four days. Four pointing in the general directions around the perimeter of the tower, twenty feet away another set of four cameras set to the other ranges and then a perimeter alarm that would be setup tomorrow night to alert anyone at base camp to something coming into the camp site.

Benjamin had it all figured out. The first episode was going to be about Sasquatch in Canada. It was new, fresh and never been done before at least as far as he knew.

"Can I get help, sir?"

He turned and walked to the trap door, looking down and smiling at Leland who held three sleeping bags, two in one hand and one in the other as well as a case of their equipment. "Sure. Just hand me the sleeping bags first, Lee."

Leland grunted as he tried to balance on the narrow steps and force two sleeping backs through the trap door. As Ben grabbed them and pulled, he decided to have another talk with the younger man about safety protocol while on his team and that it would be followed to the letter.

"Where's Ciaran and Ryan?" Ben grunted as he tossed the two sleeping bags to the corner and grabbed the case of equipment from Leland and then grabbed his hand to pull him inside.

"Off putting up the trap camera's just outside where the perimeter alarms will go." Leland said, tossing the third sleeping bag to the corner.

Ben smirked as he hooked a finger into Leland's belt loop and jerked him close while his foot kicked down the trap door. "So," Ben murmured as he pressed the younger man against the desk in the corner and tucked his Leland's long hair behind his ears with his free hand, "why aren't you on your knees with your hands behind your back yet?"
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