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Fandom Lives RP Journal
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This Our World
Game Warnings
Story unknown at this time. Takes place in a alternate version of our universe in the year 2090.

All readers please be advised. This journal will hold the rating of NC-17 for both adult situations and mature content. If you’re not of legal, sexual age for where you are I suggest to please not read any of the role-play that’ll be in this journal. Each entry will contain mature subject matter and very explicit homosexual (male/male) sexual situations. Further warnings for each story will be placed in the stories table of contents which you can find listed in the memories.

Remember, if you are not of age in your area to view the content with in this journal, then please hit the back button now or time in the address bar of your internet browser the following; http://www.disney,com, for fun and good clean fun.
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The Marine
The Whore
The Hitman
The Mystic

Mark Gibbs
Lucas Black. Tony Head. David Boreanaz.
The Agent
The Investigator
The Shade
The Reporter
David Boreanaz. George Eads. Ben Browder. Matthew Fox.