Law Davis-Prior (lawpup) wrote in fandom_lives,
Law Davis-Prior

[Crypto Weird] "Tracks in Canada", Part One, Post Two

Previously on Crypto Weird: "Means you have Dom and sub traits," Ciaran explained. He kissed Ryan's throat, sending fire through his body. "Means, I'm fighting every urge to bend you over right now and fuck you raw."

"Christ, I want that." Ryan breathed loudly. He reached out and grabbed at Ciaran's wrist, whining slightly when the Irishman didn't yield from his torture on his nipples to move down into his jeans. "Please, give me that."

"No," Ciaran said firmly. He smacked Ryan hard in the face, dazing him slightly. "No, boy. Hands at your side."

Ryan's ears rang with the shock of the slap, and his hands moved instantly to his side. "Yes, Master," he whispered, showing how turned on the dominance and pain made him. "Sorry, Master," he added for good measure, looking up at Ciaran. He bit his bottom lip again in the effort not to move from the position Ciaran wanted him in.

Ciaran looked down at Ryan, stoney-faced, and finally stopped torturing Ryan's nipple with his fingers. Instead, he took one of the abused nipples into his mouth, scraping it with his teeth.
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